1. Reels: Jackson’s/The Oak Tree
  2. Strathpeys: The Iron Man/William Marshall’s
  3. Reels: Sporting Paddy/Colonel Frazer
  4. Jigs: The Cat in the Corner/An Rogaire Dubh
  5. Air: Lament for James Moray
    Strathspey: The Fisher’s Rant
    Reel: The Green Hills of Tyrol
  6. Reels: The Duke of Leinster’s Wife/Piobaire An Cheidigh
  7. Strathspeys: The Tartan on the Heather/Peter Bailie’s/ South of the Grampians
  8. Hornpipes: Johnsons/Fly By Night
  9. Reels: Rattigan’s/Jimmy O’Reilly’s/The Side Maid
  10. Hornpipes: The High Level/The Low Level
    Reel: President Garfield
  11. Air: The Dean Brig of Edinburgh
    Hornpipe: Dermot’s Hornpipe

Seamus Gibson pulled this exceptional fiddle CD together from various live gigs he played with his friend and long time playing partner Dermot Toland on guitar.

‘Fly By Night” shows how Seamus can create astounding music in a live setting. Seamus has the uncanny ability to invest his playing with depths of emotion, from the airs to the most aggressive reels.

-Martin McGinley