1. Reels: George Peoples/Ciaran’s Reel
  2. Reels: O’Rourke’s/The Blackhaired Lass/ The Wld Irishman
  3. Jigs: Brendan Tonra’s/ Banish Misfortune
  4. Reels: The West Clare Reel/ Rattigan’s
  5. Reels: The Blacksmith’s Anvil/Paddy Ryan’s Dream
  6. Jigs: Jig na Mire/The Rusty Anvil
  7. Reels: Cuffe Street/Sean Sa Cheo
  8. Reels: La Cosa Mulligan/Beautiful Gortree
  9. Waltz: The Crown of Stars
  10. Strathspeys: South of the Grampians/The Tartan on the Heather/Miss Crawford
  11. Reels: The Gneeveguilla/Jackson’s
  12. Jigs: The Swedish Jig/McSwyne’s
  13. Mazurka/Reel: My Brown Eyed Love/The Dropper Bell
  14. Reels: McFarley’s/The Gooseberry Bush 

Like the CD itself, the tunes are a vivid illustration of what happens when a fiddler combines technical mastery with a lifetime of playing and thinking about Irish traditional music. At times the mind boggles even as the foot keeps tapping.

Highlights are many, but undoubtedly include five of Seamus Gibson’s compositions.

-Martin McGinley